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You don’t see many manual garages these days, where you have to struggle and push them up manually. Automated garage doors are fast catching up in Salt Lake City, UT, operating on the latest technology and making life easier for you. Garage door openers are technological marvels that can help raise or lower your garage door at the press of a button. Many of them even have motion sensors built into them, so you can junk the remote and have them raised every time your car is near your house. However, being delicate machinery, they are prone to failure and need regular repair and maintenance, which is where State Garage Doors comes in.

We provide the best door openers in the industry, fitting almost every budget. Our door openers are simple, efficient and come in a wide variety of capacities suitable for all kinds of doors, including more heavy commercial ones. Our door openers often employ low-noise belts that reduce or sometimes eliminate noise entirely when your garage raises or closes.

Some of our newer brands are designed for integration with smart home systems. This means that they can detect when you come in range (or your phone) and rise up automatically. Some variants have multiple remotes, while others will work with voice commands.

We offer a comprehensive range of service. After inspection and installation, which doesn’t take very long (depending on your requirements), we also offer regular maintenance checks and repair services. A strong garage door ensures the security of your home, so don’t hesitate to call State Garage Doors for your garage door service-related needs.