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State Garage Doors Salt Lake City, UT 801-416-3898Springs were used in garage doors ever since the early 1900s, and have evolved a great deal over time. They are an essential part of every garage door operation system. A major portion of the door’s weight is supported by the spring when it rises up, so springs undergo a lot of wear and tear. Most manufacturers inform customers that a spring can only be used a limited number of times before it must be replaced. Even before that time, garage door springs should be regularly inspected and tightened, if necessary. Broken springs are a serious health hazard, and they can also potentially cause a great deal

A lot of factors have to be considered when a spring is being picked for your door for replacement. The weight of your garage door, the garage door’s shape and the spring’s compatibility with the opening mechanism (among other factors) must be considered during maintenance or repair work. State Garage Doors team members are professionals that have years of experience. We are familiar with all kinds of door types and will have your door in top shape in no time. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your property if you contact us. We have made a name for ourselves in the Salt Lake City, UT area because of the quality of our work.

In general, there are two kinds of spring mechanisms that we encounter during our work:

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are advanced springs that have gradually come to replace the older extension springs. They are known to be much more reliable than extension springs because of several advances in design. Torsion springs are used in mechanisms where a wound spring is held over a shaft, with cables running through a drum at two ends. The spring begins to unwind as a door is lifted and transfers its wound energy to the cables, which help lift the door. This is a safe system because if they spring snaps, the cables can still hold the door up, thereby minimizing the damage caused to the garage and the property within.

Extension springs.

Extension springs are low tech springs that are attached to two ends of an object. When wound, they oppose extension. So in the case of garage doors, they provide energy to the lift when the door is opening. Broken springs are common because of the high pressure exerted on a typical extension spring operated opener.

Usually, residential doors only require a single torsion spring and are easy to maintain because of that. Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, require multiple torsion springs. You should contact an expert at State Garage Doors instead of trying to maintain or replace garage door spring yourself, as it’s a difficult and sometimes hazardous job.